Bouquet Lesson in Paris

Atsushi Taniguchi, our floral designer,

 gives you the floral art courses in our shop in Paris.

Discover the I'llony style and 

share the joy of being with flowers.

A lesson lasts about two hours 

and you bring the bouquet you made yourself.

1 individual lesson:  200 euros

1 lesson about the group (from 3 people): 150 euros for 1 person


Basic Bouquet Lesson for the residents in Paris

December 2015

14th Mon  from 10 AM

15th Tue from 19 PM

18th Fri from 10 AM

1 to 2 hours

Lesson Fee : 80 euros for 1 person

For more information and reservations of the course, 

please contact: paris@illony.com




jardin du I'llony Diploma course "La Filiere"

Work with flowers.

Doing in harmony with flowers.

La filiere is the way to your dream.

In this course, we offer lessons twice in a month, 

24 times in a year.

For people who has a dream to the flower 


We have 3 shops in ASHIYA, TOKYO and PARIS.

The owner Atsushi Taniguchi has been involved 

numerous flower works 

and organised his experience as a illony Diploma.


Flower selection of his own theory.

Knowledge of flowers and the point of buying

Bussiness tips for freelance and shop owner

Technique of beautiful photo


We will tell you our knowledge.


 La Filiere Course

TOKYO Tuesday daytime class only

24 classes
(included 4 lecture and 2 exams)

You can come in the class at any time in year.

you can select in 1 year or 2 year class.

* We stop accepting new members now.
  Instead of the course, we will offer a short term course (with Diploma)

【 Le Bouquet 】

1、Minimalisme en blanc et vert de bouquet
  The minimalism of white and green bouquet

2、Le secret d'un bouquet romantique
  The secret of a romantic bouquet

3、Le Bouquet graphique
  The graphic bouquet

4、Le Bouquet champetre
  The natural bouquet

5、La methode de faire un grand bouquet
  The technique of make a big bouquet

【 La Composition 】

6、Le Bouquet pour composition
  The bouquets for a composition
7、Le Panier du jardin automne
  The basket of fall garden

8、Centre de table au diner
  The composition of dinner table

9、La Composition pour faire produits attractive
  The composition for products to be attractive  

10、L'Abbonement pour les marques de mode
   The regular flower arrangement for the apparel

11、L'Abonnement pour les marques de bijou
   The regular flower arrangement for the jewelry brands

12、La Composition pour nouvel An
   The composition for new year

【 La Grande compositions 】

13、Les decors magnifique pour hotel
   the magnificent decoration for hotel

14、Les decors du parti de la haute marque
   The party decoration for luxury brands

【 Noel 】

15、Les decors monochromatiques
   Monotone decoration for Christmas
16 Lq couronne de noel avec des materiel a la mode
   The simple Christmas wreath with materials in mode

【 Le bouquet de mariee 】

17、Le Bouquet a la mode de paris
   The bouquet for Bride of Paris style 

18、Le bouquet du mariage qui utilise Bridey
   The bouquet of Bride that uses Bridey

【 La conference 】

19、Necessite et comment prendre des photos
   The importance of taking photo and how to shoot(Lecture)

20、Selection de fleur par un cercle de la couleur et le toucher d'une matiere
   The selection of flowers by color circle and texture(Lecture)

21、La necessite du croquis et Presentation
   The necessity of Drawing and Presentation(Lecture)

22、Plusieurs methodes pour Presentation
   Various way of PR(Lecture)

After taking 22 class, you must make the 2 work of art,
and evaluated by Atsushi Taniguchi, then you can take your Diploma.

Enrollment Fee 10,800 Yen
Lessons / Lectures 27,000 Yen (per class) × 24 times

Total 658,800 Yen

Trial Lesson(only one time) 32,400 Yen

When you enter the course after trial lesson / Total 626,400 Yen

Lesson fee can divided into 2 times.

The first term / Enrollment fee 10,800 Yen + half lesson fee 334,800 Yen = 345,600 Yen 

The latter term / 324,000 Yen


We accept before 2 months from the lesson day and refund

 (no attendance lesson fee)


When you have unavoidable circumstances, 

we will send you lesson DVD and flowers.

You can take a lesson in your home 

or take assistant's lesson in later day. (Only for residents in Japan)

Assistant's lesson will hold within 3 days

We will let you know the joy of flowers.

You can use a lot of flowers,

and have experiences in basic style.

(for example, round bouquet and round arrangement)

This class fee is 8000 Yen (without tax) 

but it worth around 10000 Yen gift flowers.

We will find most beautiful flowers in the market, 

then we can get various flowers of the season

and good-value materials.

We hope you could satisfy our flower selection 

and skills. 

8,640 Yen (with Tax) per lesson.

You can pay the lesson fee in store 

and take this class singly.

(Credit Card is available)


This is a bouquet lesson class.

You can get the latest design of Paris flower

from the sight of I'llony.

Round Bouquet, Bouquet Champetre,

Graphic Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, etc

You can learn various type of bunch, style, 

combination and get skills to make your 

bouquet more beautiful.

16,200 Yen (with Tax) per lesson.

You can pay the lesson fee in store 

and take this class singly.

(Credit Card is available)


jardin du I'llony ASHIYA

14 - 9 Uchidekozuchicho Ashiya Hyogo

TEL 0797 - 38 - 8741
FAX 0797 - 38 - 8745

jardin du I'llony TOKYO

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jardin du I'llony PARIS

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